The Apple of your (FB)Eye

David Hume is haunting us.The problem of knowing what is true is too much with us! Our “passions”( modern lingo…feelings…)mislead us.The Apple/FBI-Judiciary dispute is a perfect example.My instinctive response was “why not cooperate?”But then came the revelation that had not state and federal investigators wasted more than a week, Apple could have recovered information using standard procedures.Now they are being ordered to provide an encryption key which despite the claims to the contrary,opens up their technology for all time.Now a haggard looking Macafee emerges saying ” give me three weeks”.Make no mistake our privacy is at risk!
The ” passions” are at work powerfully in the performance of two political mavericks.Trump and Sanders are marching ahead of numbers of angry people who are bent on raising an extended middle finger to the skies.Bernie Sanders probably will fail in his bid to unseat Hilary but to stop the Donald the GOP will have to use Draconian measures and risk his third party rage.Hume and Heisenberg are not reassuring figures to conjure with!



  1. As suspected the FBI is now discovering an alternative to the invasion of privacy approach(to the disappointment of a lot of local law enforcement jurisdictions).Had there been a belief that something of value was on the phone they could have gotten the content from the NSA.

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