Black History Month,Valentine Day Massacres and President’s Day

We’re in the middle of black history month and the police shootings continue.The democratic party fight between Bernie and Hilary is intensifying and the republican party contest resembles a Valentines day massacre.Super bowl champion quarterback Manning is now accused of sexual assault of a female trainer with Manning family coverup in his college senior days.Losing quarterback Newton acted post game like a sulking child,the President of the U.S is consistently disrespected but struggles to govern with increased use of executive power.This with increasingly shrill voices crying out”Emperor Jones!”The price of oil and the currency alterations in the Far East have sent our financial markets into unpredictable stormy weather.And the death of Antonin Scalia has precipitated an unseemingly ugly caterwauling about what should be the smooth continuation of judicial governmental function.Jeb Bush has summoned GW to the campaign trail,(replacing his mother who was really good  but probably couldn’t withstand a grueling schedule…) raising the specter of the era of the GW advisers.We are in need of a hero embodying integrity and intelligence and if you  disqualify Obama, the candidates are few.



  1. daedal2207: “We are in need of a hero embodying integrity and intelligence and if you disqualify Obama, the candidates are few.”

    Is this someone you might have in mind? Unfortunately, even by his own admission, he’s too old.

    One would think that with the low price of oil there would be leaders with the backbone to ask our society to “sacrifice” in the form of revenue generation … taxation … favoring the funding of our infrastructure? Non-starter to the president’s $10/barrel proposal … as well as in New Jersey (which “enjoys” some of the lowest gas prices in the country) with The Governor threatening to veto any minuscule tax on gas. Talk about cowards!!! It seems we’re in the midst of the 40-year wandering through the desert … the biblical allegory that punished a societal group for their moral corruption and seemingly lack of altruistic purpose. Does it mean we must wait for a “cleansed” generation? Has our 40-year clock started? Where are we in that clock? I hear your clarion call. I may see a few possibilities of integrity/intelligence-possessed “heroes” ahead, but not taking effect in my lifetime.

    P. S. BTW, the alluded moral corruption is not the one being defined by evangelical circles. With its support of Trump in South Carolina, it is obvious that the compass of that not-monolithic group is spinning wildly trying to find true North. Even the pope gets admonished!

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