An Echo of Jonestown

Another pariah convergence instructional.(Jim Jones/SLA)

The Octogenarians

On December 31,2015 a journalist named Robert Flick died in a Pasadena California hospital after injuring his head in a fall.He was 84.He had been an action journalist covering controversy.He was struck on the head covering the riots in Watts and Berkeley in 1968 He also reported on Patty Hearst and the Symbionese Liberation Army.On November 18,1978 Flick was wounded when Congressman Ryan,reporters,a congressional aide and would be Jonestown defectors were attacked by Jim Jones’henchmen at the airfield in Guyana.He survived and helped people hide in the jungle.(supplying rum for the injured aide).The head injury that he received in Guyana(he was wounded in the leg)was on the inside.He left NBC Nightly News two years post Jonestown and went to Entertainment Tonight and worked only in celebrity programs thereafter,avoiding the conflictual hard boiled stuff that marked his early years.Alienation and disaffection do not always lead to suicide or SLA/Isis type involvement.Those…

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