A Holiday Gift

S.W.has suggested,and I agree,that from now to year’s end,we will ask our readers for their comments on our blog,world affairs, or any issues that they deem of consequence and general interest.We welcome ideas that originate across generations.We will honor some comments with the stature of posts.We do reserve the right to exercise editorial judgment on comments submitted.



  1. daedal2207: “… we will ask our readers for their comments on our blog, world affairs, or any issues that they deem of consequence and general interest.”

    Very well. Here is something: where is our conscience regarding life, to include the environment? There is a tragic, man-made disaster in Flint, Michigan that is further highlighting our corrosive relationship with our governing “so-called” leaders. The State of Michigan has poisoned its citizens through lead in the water with irreversible consequences. The pernicious effects of lead on the human system are not new … ignorance cannot be claimed. I apologize for the length of the viewing material, but, perhaps if readers of this blog have not seen the visual material, they might find it as shocking/appalling as I did? (This could be happening in any one of our towns.):





    Civil rights have been violated. Is anyone accountable? In NJ, Christie (still facing Bridgegate) is running around the country seeking the Republican presidential nomination, after settling with Exxon for pittance on another environmental disaster in the Meadowlands area (to drive to NYC on the turnpike is to subject yourself through horrendous air quality around the Newark/Bayonne area). Of course, he’s willing to bomb Russia at the drop of a hat! But, I digressed.

    To end with evidence of another environmental abuse … Porter Ranch, CA. The statistics/measurements of this gas leak are staggering.




    The outcomes of these incredible acts of negligence will contribute to diminished physical and mental capacities. And, those incapabilities will be attributed to … race, culture? Have we no shame? Access to safe air and water are basic human rights for existence … education and healthcare essential. Our fears are being used as diversionary “red herrings” to actual issues.

    And, now, not only are we watching the Republicans imploding, but the Democrats have managed to create their own power play chaos.

    We continue to reach for the bottom. Stan Laurel to Oliver Hardy: “This is another fine mess you got me into, Ollie.”

    As always, thank you, Professor Thomas for encouraging discussions … exposure of ideas, concerns. Is anyone else appalled? Shocked?

  2. A26 of today’s Times is a small article about a Tennessee woman who attempted to abort her 24-week-old fetus with a coat hanger in her bathtub. She was rushed to the hospital where they delivered the premature and now severely handicapped baby despite her protestations. She faces arraignment on Monday, her bail set at $200,000. In light of the recent Planned Parenthood shootings, as well as an imminent presidential race, we seem to be circumventing, on the federal scale, a central issue: abortion. The first link from a Google search of ‘abortion stages’ is for the National Health Service, the United Kingdom’s practically-octogenarian Obamacare, detailing the risks and procedures, the varying stages, the discomforts and methods of abortion, as well as a tab of clinical trial results. Tack ‘US’ on before that search and a torrent of political hysterics meets the eye. We should be using this race to engage this country’s archaic sentiment in a useful dialogue, to further a hard-hitting legacy of a practically defunct Roe v. Wade precedent, and to allow women like Ms. Yocca a right to their bodies.

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