Follow The Money:In Pursuit Of Image

Black Friday is upon us.If you miss anything,have no fear it”ll come again or maybe it’ll never leave.I spoke briefly with a young cardio-tech who had acquired an apple watch at a bargain price but seemed puzzled and disappointed that the thing was clunky and hadn’t changed her life.We have memories of the 60s,70s & 80s where young people who were ghetto inhabitants were killing one another to obtain sneakers or bling.I recall wandering through base exchanges in Japan and watching servicemen and their wives spending hours looking at the predecessors of today’s Asian tech.(Rather than exploring their environment)Yes.the language was and is a barrier but guides were inexpensive.
Some thirty years ago my son acquired an old racing blue MGB convertible which he proudly raced around in and even permitted his old man to try.I’ve driven all kinds of things, being from a time when people showed up at junkyards and asked”got anything that’ll run?”The thing was fast and deadly and had to be wrestled rather than driven.I concluded that it was a death trap and recommended that he trade it in on something with center pillars and a roof.Sure enough he sold it to a young woman who wore spectacles and liked his image in the convertible.He did warn her that it was tough to handle. Some time later I encountered the young woman in orthopedic rehab and asked her what happened.She had been in an accident with the car and been seriously hurt with permanent back injury and disability.I was very unhappy (and so was my son when I told him later)but the young woman said that she regretted nothing and the times spent in that car with the roof down and whistling through the wind were some of the happiest times of her life. Putting the retrospectoscope back to rest and facing reality up front,image “ain’t where it’s at”, You may cut a great figure with a carefully positioned cigarette but it’s addicting and deadly.The money people know the game and play it constantly.Look out folks, they’re always in the political arena from lobbyists to elected officials and what you see”ain’t what you’re going to get.


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