R.I.P. Big Dan !

We lost an old friend and new blog contributor with the death of Daniel Sugarman PhD after a short illness, last week.Dan was an outstanding human being,therapist and teacher.He was an octogenarian who ventured gingerly into the world of the blog to make brief contributions.His classmates at Bronx Science High School (class of 48) knew him as “Big Dan”because he was taller and stronger than most of us at that stage of our development.More important than “size” was the fact that he was a guy who insisted on fairness and order even then.Things had a way of going right when he was around, in part because he would not tolerate bullying. It is this latter more than anything that earned him the “Big”.(All denizens of the Bronx or more generously N.Y.C.will understand).
Our love,sympathy and condolences go out to his wife Barbara(also a Bx. Science alumnus)and the rest of his family.My wife Carolyn and I will miss our travels all over the world with Dan and Barbara…cst



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