Demystification:Some Thoughts From an Octogenarian Brain

Courts,police,military,public education??…

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**In reaching for a future on a planet soon to have 8 billion inhabitants we have identified real obstacles to our survival in atavistic patterns of thought more consistent with small bands than megapopulations.We have talked about inequity and disproportion in access to the necessities of life.We have discussed the race to produce a model state that would embody the best of our past in a new future,and the need to alter those aspects of our society that protect a discriminatory status quo.(Policing) Dr Lindenthal introduces a program he created at the NJMS that indicates that the path to the future may just involve not only ideological shifts but also the demystification of many of our most cherished cultural institutions**cst
Over a century ago,Oliver Wendell Holmes commented that,”A young man knows his patient,the old man knows his patient’s family,dead and alive,up and down for generations.He can…

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