Discoursing With Pariahs Continued

This is the anniversary of the second worst case of domestic terrorism in the U.S. The site was Oklahoma City.(O woe Oklahoma!) The perpetrators were Timothy McVey and Terry Hollins.168 Americans died in the explosion of the Federal building.The reason was vengeance against the Federal government for Texas’ Branch Davidian cult member slayings.McVey was executed and Hollins is serving three consecutive life sentences.They have nothing new to tell us because their message is the same as that of the Jonestown loyalists.The very vindictiveness of their response is the same phenomenon as the vindictiveness of today’s Isis converts who have no fulfilling identities within their home cultures.It is high time to learn from this redundant theme and to learn to give a sense of worth priority in human interchange.We have to unlearn “looking down” on others as a first response to our own sense of worthlessness and to curb the official and unofficial guardians of a destructive status quo.



  1. Bill Clinton was President at the time of the attack.It is indicative of our tendency to follow our principal families that Hilary Clinton is the front runner in the democratic party’s bid to retain the White House.It begins to look as if she’s finally making a commitment to the working stiffs of America!
    Hats off to Dan Price* and Howard Schultz** as corporate leaders in the struggle against economic inequality.n.b To reduce inequality is quite different from promoting parity!!

    *CEO Gravity Payments(Seattle) ** CEO Starbucks

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