Black History Month( Let the retrospectoscope wander )

February is Black History Month, a short while ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day,A shorter while ago there was the anniversary of the Schwerner,Goodman,Chaney killings of 50 years ago with the posthumous award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama.A few days ago the 2013 awardee Ernie Banks of the Chicago Cubs died.(A great player who followed Jackie Robinson into the National League.)He was an outstanding player for the Kansas City Monarchs of the old Negro Baseball League and remembered following the counsel and example of number 42.On the down side we have the arrest for murder of Suggie Knight    and the drug abuse coma of Whitney Huston’s daughter. We also have the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz,the sale of the notes of Turing and the anniversary of his suicide. We have the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to garner support for harsh action against Iran sans U.S. Presidential approval.We can add the murderous actions of Isis and the response of Jordan despite Hezbollah.

The retrospectoscope touches on shaking hands with #42 and encountering a giant although only 6’1″:On meeting Lenny Moore on a plane and Joe Black in an airport.It skitters on the differential life expectations of athletes of color vs majority athletes skims past the issue of exploitation and re-encounters Dowling and Hill of 60s Old Blue fame.(Only Hill made it to the big time).It touches on the N.Y. Jets practicing briefly in the Yale bowl and revitalizes Broadway Joe and  the “Guarantee” of super Bowl VI made possible by the furious running of a black guy named Snell.It swings forward to meeting Mike Ditka in the airport in New Zealand and his uncertainty as to who these people were and what they were like.Still bouncing it touches on O.J. and an encounter in Hawaii that resulted in declination to meet and shake hands because of an aura of negativity that hung over him.(pre Brentwood killing) It lands on super bowl Sunday in the present and the amazing saga of a bunch of overachieving Seahawks who “believed in one another” and who with a circus catch and amazing fortune were 1/2 yard away from glory.Why management intervened with a gadget play ignoring 3 downs , 2 time outs and a 100 yard rusher only management knows.Never content it moves on to the halftime show and the weird display of avatar like creatures.The co-parenting presentation involving Moynihan and Brady provided an example for whom? There is wide criticism of an insurance commercial that presented a drowned child as the principal.Too much reality in a fantasy world?Brady may have made amends, to a degree, by giving away his awarded red truck to the interceptor who saved New England since he is likely to be traded away,(despite his minimum salary) it will be something for him to remember along with the ring.

O.K octogenarians et. al. help get the retrospectoscope back to “The Salutation of the Dawn” you know, “Look to this day…”



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