Evolution and the human brain (Uncovering eyes)

daedal2207's Blog

The honest and empathic glance from empathic eyes to empathic eyes may indeed be teachable.Uncovered eyes are quite different from hooded eyes or blindfolded eyes.I guess that exchange is more likely between women since women are the empaths of our species.One major problem is the functioning of the reptilian brain which has been adaptive for mammals including us for tens of millions of years.The cerebral cortices of which we are so proud are often only justifiers of actions and thoughts emanating from structures deep inside the midbrain.The dangerous and malignant other is a concept that may have been adaptive, in evolutionary terms, to man existing in bands and competing with other bands when the world population was small but with 7 billion of us occupying the earth in a nuclear age the archaic evolutionary mechanism could and may bring about our demise.Stephen Hawking tells us that robots are not “the…

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