1 February, 2023 11:12




  1. Given so many unknowns, luck is a factor as we ponder every threat to survival. Normally medical doctors address the threats of disease. Threats coming from international conflict are usually the domain of politicians. In the U.S. citizens select political leaders. Our politicians are hopefully wiser than those who choose them, but maybe not. Wisdom, it would seem, in a world of unknowns will select our path forward with the most accurate judgments of probability. For instance, will resistance to Putin’s aggression also deter future China aggressions? Or will resistance cause Putin to choose suicide for himself and his country as he kills millions of others by introducing an exchange of nuclear explosions? If Putin is not deterred, what will he, and China, and Iran, and North Korea, think they can do to expand their dreams of meaning? Wish us luck but put the odds in our favor as we strengthen ourselves to the point that all threats against us will have the clarity to see their own demise – if pursued.

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