Truth and Consequences

“Truth Will Out” and the rush of information coming out is rocking the leaky boat of Trump’s administration.The offer by Putin and co. to make available to America their transcripts of Potus’ conversation with the Russian ambassador and Secretary is an insult.Apparently Trump isn’t politically dumb enough to accept the offer.The appointment of a special counsel and the digging in of the FBI spell more trouble for Trump.The subpoenaing of Flynn and Manafort puts an exclamation point on the seriousness of the whole mess to the concept of the American Presidency.
A major argument is taking place among professionals as to the ethicality of making public judgments about the psychological fitness of the Trumpeter.The Goldwater rule is cited as a gold standard no pun intended)of practice in this regard.But aside from the risk of loss of tax exempt status by professional( guild) associations,there is the reality of the U.S. being in an undeclared and untraditional war utilizing cyber tools,polonium tipped umbrellas etc.It is clear that the opposition uses its experts to arm its oligarchs in this new war.Cleckley’s old but classical “Mask of Sanity” identifies the inability to learn from experience as a major aspect of “The Mask”.I believe that Potus’ impulsivity and inconsistency coupled with indebtedness and blackmailableness cannot be overcome.What do you think ??


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